Affordable Access: Librari APP Subscriptions Priced Lower Than an Ice Cream Cone

On May 18th, 2022, the Bangalore-based Librari APP, recognized as one of the most promising EDTECH Apps of 2022, unveiled its Subscription Feature. This launch occurred in the presence of numerous startup experts and members of the NAASCOM 10K Startup Initiatives. The inauguration of the subscription feature was carried out by Ms. Kritika M., Director, and Mr. Rajeev Koyal, Regional Lead of NAASCOM 10K Startup Initiatives.

With a mission to alleviate student stress and anxiety while becoming a preferred partner for learners and educators, Librari APP is committed to making learning accessible, convenient, and efficient through 3-minute video-based microlearning.

Rengarajan M, CEO & Co-Founder of Librari, emphasizes, “Librari app holds the potential to serve as an intelligent learning alternative for students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The APP has already demonstrated its value as an indispensable learning companion for over 20,000 students across India.”

“With the Subscription feature, parents and students gain access to exclusive 3-minute content encompassing their class-related subjects for the entire academic year, along with subject-specific quizzes that reinforce their knowledge. All of this is available at an extremely affordable price of just Rs 50/- per month,” he adds.

Recently, Librari secured $90K in funding from an angel network to further enhance the app experience and expand its student base.

The APP also offers engaging 3-minute concept videos on extracurricular activities, hobbies, and sports for children, a blend of user-curated and expert-driven content.

As one of the pioneers in the ed-tech space, Librari APP introduces gamified learning to make education more enjoyable. Featuring quizzes, learning-based contests, challenges, and Librari coins that can be redeemed for Gen Z’s favorite gadgets in the Librari Bazaar section of the app, Librari is a must-have app for both children and parents.

Organically, Librari APP has amassed a student base of over 18,000 across India on its Android and IOS platforms. Currently, the APP boasts 4000+ animated videos covering subjects from Class I to Class X, including English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science, as well as Physics, Biology, and Chemistry for Class XI and XII.

Librari APP is on a mission to empower the student community in small towns and cities across India. With its highly affordable pricing, Librari is set to become every student’s preferred Study Buddy APP.

To access the subscription feature, parents and students simply need to download the app from Google Play Store or the APP Store and complete payment through accepted payment gateways to activate their classroom videos.

About Librari:

Librari APP is a Distraction-Free Micro-Learning Revision Platform catering to academic and extracurricular needs for K-12 students. Its goal is to enhance a child’s learning experience through 3-minute concept and recap videos on both academic and extracurricular subjects. Librari APP makes learning enjoyable and interactive with multiple-choice questions in videos, quizzes, and learning-based contests. The app offers a gamified learning experience with leaderboards and learning trackers, as well as coins that can be redeemed for a child’s favorite gadgets from the Librari Bazaar section within the app.”

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