Biden to Welcome German Chancellor Scholz to the White House on February 7th

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is set to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden at the White House on February 7th to discuss a range of issues, including the ongoing tensions involving Russia and Ukraine.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed reports about the meeting, emphasizing that the discussions will include the topic of Russian aggression against Ukraine while highlighting the enduring ties between the United States and Germany.

Psaki also mentioned the importance of continued collaboration between the two nations on various common challenges, such as combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing climate change, and promoting global economic prosperity and security.

Olaf Scholz assumed the role of Chancellor in December, succeeding Angela Merkel, who had held the position for 16 years. The meeting with President Biden follows Scholz’s visits to other European capitals, including Brussels, Madrid, and Paris.

As long-standing NATO allies, the United States and Germany share a strong partnership since the aftermath of World War II. Typically, new German Chancellors make early visits to the United States, underscoring the significance of the relationship.

Despite its robust economic ties with Russia, Germany refrains from selling military equipment to Ukraine. However, as one of Russia’s top trading partners and a significant purchaser of Russian goods, Germany’s potential sanctions against Russia could hold substantial weight and influence Moscow’s position on Ukraine.

Germany also serves as the endpoint for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. While the United States initially opposed the project, it later chose to tolerate it in favor of maintaining positive relations with Germany. However, the pipeline’s fate could be subject to reconsideration if Russia proceeds with an invasion of Ukraine. Currently, the pipeline has been completed but remains inactive.

The meeting between Chancellor Scholz and President Biden marks an important diplomatic engagement as both nations navigate complex international challenges.

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