Donald Trump Backs Rep. Jim Jordan for House Speaker Amid GOP Leadership Turmoil

Former President Donald Trump has officially endorsed Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, as his preferred candidate for the role of House Speaker, following a recent leadership crisis within the GOP. This endorsement came shortly after Trump indicated his willingness to assume the role on a temporary basis should Republicans fail to reach a consensus on the selection.

In a statement shared on Truth Social, Trump praised Jordan for his positions on critical issues, highlighting Jordan’s stances on crime, border security, military and veterans’ affairs, and the Second Amendment. He expressed confidence in Jordan’s ability to excel as Speaker of the House. This endorsement followed an earlier announcement in which Trump had suggested he might consider serving as speaker temporarily while also pursuing a presidential run.

Initially, Rep. Troy Nehls, a Republican from Texas, had planned to nominate Trump for the position of speaker. However, he later revealed that Trump had contacted him to convey his endorsement of Jim Jordan, emphasizing the importance of Congress following their party’s leader.

The turmoil within the GOP originates from the recent removal of Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, as House Speaker by a group of GOP lawmakers, primarily hard-liners. This internal discord has left the House of Representatives in a state of paralysis as Republicans attempt to identify a new leader. Without an official speaker, the House cannot conduct essential legislative activities, including passing spending bills necessary to prevent a government shutdown.

Rep. Nehls, a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, initially expressed support for Donald Trump’s potential speakership. However, he subsequently disclosed Trump’s endorsement of Jim Jordan.

It’s noteworthy that although the U.S. Constitution doesn’t specify that the speaker must be a House member, historical tradition has seen all speakers come from within the House’s ranks. Jim Jordan currently serves as the chairman of the influential House Judiciary Committee. Presently, the only other declared candidate in the race for House Speaker is House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, representing Louisiana.

Regarding the possibility of Jim Jordan becoming Speaker, President Joe Biden maintained a diplomatic stance, remarking, “Whoever the House speaker is, I’m going to try to work with. They control half the Congress.” While he acknowledged that some individuals might be more cooperative than others, he expressed his willingness to collaborate with the chosen speaker. The evolving situation within GOP leadership will undoubtedly have significant implications for the functioning of the U.S. House of Representatives in the near future.

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