Exploring Rahul Gehlot: The Author of the Acclaimed National Bestseller ‘I Love and Life

Rahul Gehlot, a talented Indian author and poet, made his literary debut with his first book, “I Love and Life.” This poetry collection quickly garnered national acclaim, becoming a bestseller even before its official release. Rahul was born on July 14, 1998, in the village of Jaitaran in Pali District, Rajasthan. His family later moved to Hyderabad, where he spent his formative years.

Rahul, a postgraduate commerce student, discovered his passion for writing in an unexpected way. In 2019, he began crafting captivating captions for social media posts. His friends recognized his talent and encouraged him to explore the realms of quotes and poetry.

His first significant accomplishment came when he co-authored a book titled “Wrapped up Feelings” alongside Anthony. Since then, Rahul has earned a reputation for his ability to craft poetry that resonates deeply with a diverse audience. From his initial success onward, he has contributed as a co-author to numerous anthologies and various writing projects.

Originally scheduled for release on March 28, 2021, in both paperback and ebook formats, Rahul’s book faced an unexpected delay. In his own words:

“I didn’t initially aspire to be a writer. Coming from a middle-class family, there was always pressure to obtain a degree and secure a job. However, as I progressed, my family supported my aspirations. My writing journey began when I started crafting captions for my friends’ social media posts, and they suggested I start writing quotes and poetry.

I remember starting an Instagram page called ‘hidden.quotes14,’ where I posted daily quotes. However, I wanted to establish my own identity, so I changed it to my name. My poems on various topics resonated with many readers. One of my poems, centered on the middle class, went viral, leading to offers from compilers to collaborate on their books as a co-author. While I contributed to several anthologies, I always harbored a dream of writing my own book.”

Rahul diligently worked on his poetry book, “I Love and Life,” and completed it by the end of December 2020. The collection features poems on various themes of love and life. He embarked on the publishing process and secured a contract with a publisher. However, the book, scheduled for a March 28, 2021 launch as both a paperback and ebook, encountered a setback. Rahul shared that it was a fraudulent publisher who disappeared with all the funds, leading to almost a year of coping with the heartbreak. He pursued legal avenues to recover his money, which remains pending.

In February 2022, Rahul decided to move forward and self-published “I Love and Life” on Amazon Kindle as an ebook. It quickly achieved national bestseller status and reached the 15th rank in the Poetry category. Rahul expressed his gratitude to his readers, friends, family, and supporters for their unwavering encouragement.

Regarding his future literary endeavors and plans, Rahul revealed:

“I’m currently working on a novel and also planning for some live events.”

To access his ebook, please click on the following link: [Link to Ebook].

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