ITM University Gwalior Women’s Hockey Team Clinches Gold at Khelo India University Games

The Women’s Hockey Team from ITM University Gwalior has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the Gold Medal for the second consecutive time at the Khelo India University Games held in Bengaluru 2021. Their victory in the women’s hockey championship is a testament to the exceptional talents of players such as Neelu Dadiya, Jyoti Pal, Anjali Gautam, Manisha Chauhan, Nisha PC, Pratibha Arya, Chanchal, Kanchan N Karkata, Tania, Yogita Bora, Savita, Rajni Vaski, Nandini Kushwah, Vartika Rawat, Sadhana, Akansha Singh, Bhavna Khade, Bina, and Christian Emeral. Pratibha Arya, as the team’s captain, netted the opening goal, while Manisha Chauhan secured the second. Impressively, the ITM Women’s Hockey Team maintained an impeccable record by not allowing their opponents to score a single goal throughout the entire tournament. Currently, Anjali Gautam, Kanchan N Karkata, and Yogita Bora are proudly representing themselves at the India Camp.

ITM University Chancellor Ruchi Singh Chauhan expressed her joy, stating, “It’s heartwarming to witness global progress and growth. The ITM University Women’s Team serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to achieve their dreams. Through their unwavering determination and perseverance, these young women have unquestionably brought pride to our nation and have set new standards in the world of sports. Their back-to-back Gold Medals are a source of immense pride and joy for all of us, and we are confident that they will continue to achieve even greater success in the years ahead.”

ITM University Chancellor Ruchi Singh Chauhan, Provost Dr. Daulat Singh Chauhan, Vice-Chancellor Dr. SS Bhakar, Registrar Omveer Singh, and the entire nation join in congratulating the team for this historic achievement. Coach Neha Rawat and manager Vimal Sharma provided unwavering support and encouragement to the team throughout their sports journey, making ITM University the first university in Madhya Pradesh to achieve this extraordinary feat for the second consecutive time.

To date, neither government nor private institutions have achieved such a remarkable milestone, highlighting ITM University Gwalior’s commitment not only to the academic success of its students but also to their athletic achievements. The university not only made a remarkable comeback to reach the finals of Khelo India but also secured the championship for the second consecutive time, following their initial victory in ‘Khelo India’ in 2020. ITM University’s vision is to continue taking essential steps to create opportunities for students to excel in the field of sports while fostering sustainability and eco-friendly practices in all aspects of university life.

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