Janki’s Unexpected Release: New Hindi Song ‘Door Hona Tha’ and its Music Video

It’s been six months since the release of Janki’s 2021 hit “Tennu Kinna Kardi,” and now, she has made a delightful return with her latest single, “Door Hona Tha.” This surprise release includes an accompanying music video, which showcases Janki in an elegant black dress against the backdrop of a serene lakeside location. It’s worth noting that this is her first Hindi single, as confirmed by Janki herself.

The song was recently made available on various streaming platforms and shared across her social media channels. Notably, Tarun Rajput plays the lead male role in the music video, complementing Janki’s performance. The soulful lyrics are beautifully crafted by Jayesh Kapoor, while the music is composed by Yash Bhardwaaj. The video production is credited to Timeline Films, in collaboration with Bharat Chandra.

Discussing the song’s theme, Janki shared, “The song perfectly captures the spirit of today’s relationships, the lengths we will go to for someone we love, and the self-deception we engage in to continue unhappily.” She further elaborated, “Beneath these dark and sometimes contentious lyrics lies a production that feels celebratory because, deep down, we all know that, in the end, we rarely heed advice; we do what feels right for ourselves and convince ourselves it will be different this time.”

This release follows several weeks of anticipation and excitement across various social media platforms.

Reflecting on her musical journey, Janki credited her brother for recognizing her talent at a young age and providing unwavering support. She expressed her appreciation for the wide spectrum of music she grew up listening to, ranging from the legendary Lata Ji in Indian classical to Asha Ji’s peppy and classical songs, and from contemporary sensations like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Kaushiki Chakraborty, to Monali Thakur. These musical legends have inspired and motivated her to pursue her own musical path.

Hailing from the heart of Delhi, Janki, the melodious singer, has been working tirelessly to create exceptional compositions for her fans, aiming to keep them entertained and engaged.

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