Miley Cyrus Shares Candid Insights in her Latest TikTok Series

In a heartfelt TikTok series titled “Used To Be Young,” the globally renowned pop artist Miley Cyrus embarks on a reflective journey through various facets of her life. This engaging series allows her to fondly reminisce about her life, from her earliest childhood memories up to the age of 30, aptly named after her latest single.

Throughout these captivating sessions, Cyrus candidly opens up about her unique relationship with fame, often drawing comparisons and distinctions with her father, the celebrated country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Reflecting on her early years, Cyrus notes that her father’s chart-topping country hit, “Achy Breaky Heart,” dominated the music scene at the time of her birth. She provides valuable insights into her perspective on fame, emphasizing that beyond the mere statistics lie real individuals who derive joy from the music. She firmly asserts that these numerical statistics possess no power to alter her fundamental identity.

Cyrus goes on to illuminate the contrasting lenses through which she and her father perceive fame. Growing up in a closely-knit family environment, often within the confines of a soundstage, she points out her financial and emotional stability. In stark contrast, her father’s background lacked a similar sense of security, endowing fame with a deeper emotional resonance for him, shaped by his past experiences. She reaffirms that his sense of validation stemming from a vast audience held more emotional significance for him than it did for her. While her father’s journey through fame was akin to healing old wounds, Cyrus has consistently felt like a star.

Cyrus also acknowledges her father’s pivotal role in nurturing her passion for music and warmly praises his vocal prowess, underscoring that his vocal talents were often underappreciated.

When addressing her perspective on touring, Cyrus shares candid insights into its somewhat unnatural and isolating nature. She conveys that the life of a performer, often distilled into a 90-minute show, demands an equal measure of recovery and rest. The need for a certain level of ego during tours often overshadows authenticity, creating a challenging barrier to disconnect from the stage persona.

Furthermore, Cyrus reveals that the dynamic between her and her fans, where she simultaneously occupies the roles of subject and observer, occasionally became unhealthy for her. This disconnection sometimes impacted her creative process, particularly concerning her songwriting.

In terms of her recent musical endeavors, Cyrus discusses her decision to suspend touring and, instead, opt for the release of a Hulu backyard session titled “Miley Cyrus: Endless Summer Vacation: Continued.” She also shares her experiences performing at select music festivals over the past year and participating in events such as tribute concerts and Grammy performances.

Through this thought-provoking TikTok series, Cyrus not only provides glimpses into her personal journey but also casts a spotlight on the intricate dynamics of fame and its potential toll on the lives of artists.

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