Revolutionizing Construction with India’s First Hybrid Composite Prefab Technology (HCT)

“Steelion: Pioneering Sustainable Prefab Solutions in the PEB & Roofing Industry

In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, Kiran C Tenny, CEO & Founder of Steelion Infra Solutions Pvt. Ltd, shares insights into the latest trends, market dynamics, and challenges in the PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) and Roofing industry, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Prefab construction is gaining traction due to its benefits, including faster construction, improved safety, sustainability, and cost efficiency compared to traditional methods. The integration of technology, smart automation, and robotics in modern buildings, along with IoT and 5G, is transforming the industry.

Steelion is at the forefront of this transformation, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality and sustainable construction solutions. The company believes that the future of construction lies in offsite, modular, and prefab methods, offering efficiency and environmental advantages. While challenges persist, the opportunities in the prefab sector far outweigh them, promising a bright future for this approach in India.

Kiran C Tenny highlights Steelion’s expertise in the PEB & Roofing industry, emphasizing the company’s reputation as a leading turnkey steel building contractor and PEB manufacturer. By incorporating prefab technologies across various market segments, Steelion has established itself as a leader in South India and aims to expand its presence across the country by 2026. The company’s focus on R&D has led to the development of innovative solutions, including the groundbreaking Hybrid Composite Prefab Technology (HCT), which combines multiple construction material systems to deliver superior projects and long-term investment returns for clients.

Steelion’s client-centric approach prioritizes efficiency and effective decision-making. The company operates with an agile and enthusiastic team dedicated to delivering the highest level of service. Under the Design-Build and Construction Services model, Steelion offers a comprehensive range of services, including product development, EPC/Design-Build Project Execution, manufacturing and supply, and real estate solutions. This end-to-end approach ensures efficient coordination and minimizes time and cost overruns, setting Steelion apart as a turnkey building solution provider.

In terms of eco-friendliness, Steelion’s unique Hybrid Composite Prefab Technology (HCT) plays a pivotal role. HCT not only enhances project efficiency but also reduces emissions, making it an environmentally responsible choice compared to conventional construction methods. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Steelion’s vision of delivering innovative and eco-friendly construction solutions.

Steelion’s dedication to sustainable and innovative prefab solutions positions the company as a leader in the evolving PEB & Roofing industry, catering to both larger and smaller projects while embracing the principles of sustainability and efficiency.”

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