The Visionary Entrepreneurial Couple Who Embraced Their Son’s Dream with SportiWe

(In Pic: K S Gururaja, Chairman, SportiWe & Nalini Gururaja, Director, SportiWe)

Nalini and K S Gururaja: The Inspiring Couple Behind SportiWe’s Success

Nalini and K S Gururaja, a respected couple from Mysore, Karnataka, have been unwavering supporters of their son Varun Gururaja’s ambitious venture, SportiWe. Varun had been tirelessly working on his dream project since 2015, and it was his parents who first believed in his vision.

The Gururajas, who have actively engaged in various business activities in Mysore for over three decades, have always been dedicated to the principle of ‘giving back to society’ by supporting various community causes.

When Varun approached his parents with the idea for SportiWe, they didn’t hesitate for a moment. Both Nalini and Gururaja embraced SportiWe, a company with a mission to promote fitness through sports worldwide.

Running a startup presents numerous challenges, from finding the right resources to securing funding and expertise in the field. However, Nalini and Gururaja assured Varun that they were committed to supporting his dream, regardless of its outcome.

Nalini and Gururaja have not only been a source of inspiration for their son but also for the entire SportiWe family, which has now grown to include over 30 employees in Mysore and Vadodara.

With their wealth of experience gained over three decades, the couple serves as mentors and guides, not only in professional matters but also in personal growth, to the entire SportiWe team.

SportiWe, officially incorporated as NGSportiWe Technologies Private Limited in July last year, started with just three founding employees. Today, it is headquartered in Mysore, with Vadodara hosting the technology center.

SportiWe is a tech-enabled platform that unites sports enthusiasts, sports venues, sports products, services, and academia under one comprehensive umbrella. It caters to the entire sporting ecosystem, facilitating B2B, B2C, and C2C connections. The platform is designed for global expansion in a plug-and-play format. SportiWe aims to bring the entire sporting community together on a single platform.

SportiWe serves as a launching pad for many undiscovered businesses, driving economic growth in the sports industry. The platform’s flexibility is key to achieving this goal, allowing venues and businesses to create customized avenues for growth. Users also benefit from expanded opportunities to showcase their talent and collaborate on projects they are passionate about.

SportiWe enables users to connect with like-minded individuals who share their sporting interests, discover and rate sports venues, and access offers and promotions. The application also features a community forum for users to engage with their favorite sports.

While still in its early stages, the application has already attracted over 5,000 users, and the company aims to onboard an additional 1 million users in the coming days, connecting them with their passion for sports.”

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